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Potter Jr.High School

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Dress Code

We believe that there is a definite relationship between good dress habits, good work habits and proper school behavior. Recognizing this relationship between personal dress habits and personal attitude, we encourage our students to dress in a manner that demonstrates pride both in themselves and in their school.  We enforce a dress code for clothing, hair color or attire that poses a health risk, may make other students uncomfortable, or causes a distraction in the learning environment.  Students are expected to wear clothes that are appropriate for school activities.


  • All clothing should be clean and free of revealing or significant tears or holes (i.e. shredded pants, skirts, and shirts). Torn clothing is not excused simply if there are leggings or tights underneath.


  • Footwear must be worn at all times. Flip-flops are not allowed and any open toed shoes need to be safe by having a back strap for support. Closed-toed shoes are required for PE for safety reasons.


  • Outfits that show underwear or are unduly revealing are prohibited, including but not limited to: halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti-strapped tanks, off the shoulder or low-cut tops, and garments with bare midriffs. If clothing is worn over a prohibited top, it must remain over the top for the entire duration of school without being unduly revealing. Students are not to reveal bra straps and tank tops should be at least 3 fingers wide at the shoulder.


  • Clothing and personal items that depict offensive or vulgar language, inappropriate or suggestive pictures or graphics or advertisements for alcohol, cigarettes or other controlled substances are not allowed.


  • Attire, including clothing, jewelry, pierced jewelry and other accessories must not create a safety issue (i.e., gauges or spiked earrings, wallet chains, spiked rings, safety pins, or other body piercings beyond earrings.)  Lip rings or eyebrow rings are not permitted on campus and students need to remove lip and/or eyebrow ring(s) immediately upon request.


  • Pants/shorts should be worn at the waist and should be able to stay up without a belt or other support. Under garments should not be exposed.


  • Skirts/shorts should be at least as long as the student’s hands in a fist position stretched down to their thighs when standing with upright posture. Revealing tights, leggings, or pajama bottoms are also a dress code violation. 


  • Appropriate hats or headwear may be worn for sun protection or warmth on cold weather days. Hats with brims must be worn facing directly forward. Beanies, sweatshirt hoods, gloves or other types of headgear for warmth must not cause a distraction or be worn to harass, intimidate or deceive. These items should be only be worn outside for and must be taken off when entering a room.  They can only be worn outside during rain or very cold weather (50 degrees or below or when students can see their own breath.)


  • Attire designating gang affiliation (as identified by the Fallbrook Sheriff’s Department) will not be allowed including:

o   Local gang symbols
(such as SD and the “F” logo from Famous Stars and Straps)

o   Long belts with the end hanging down in front
or belt buckles with initials

o   Dress in only solid colors of white, dark blue, khaki, or black in a gang style

o   Bandanas/hair nets/doo-rags

o   Shirts/jackets/sweatshirts with “Old English” writing

o   Oversized pants

o   High socks

o   Extra shirt draped over shoulder

Students who violate the school dress code will be asked to wear an alternative clothing to cover or replace inappropriate clothing or the school will contact parents to bring appropriate clothing. Repeated violations will result in discipline consequences and “non-participation” status. As school dress trends often change among junior high school students, the school administration reserves the right to deem certain articles of clothing inappropriate even if not outlined in the student handbook.