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About Rudy Carpenter

Who was Rudy Carpenter?

Rudolph "Rudy" Carpenter
May 24, 1923 - June 19, 1988

Mr. Carpenter was born in Oceanside, California. He was the oldest son of Rudy and Claire Carpenter, a pioneer family in this area. He graduated from Oceanside High School, he then served four years in the Navy. After ten years working as a Deputy Marshall he went on to finish his college education and received his teaching credential at San Diego State University in 1968. He was employed by the Fallbrook Union School District and taught at Potter for 20 years, where he was well-known for his enthusiasm and dedication by students and teachers alike.

Potter has many fond memories of Mr. Carpenter. All of his Spanish students looked forward to games of loteria and the assortment of goodies they would win in return for their mastery of the language. Many of the students worked hard to raise enough money to join Mr. Carpenter in the annual Spanish Club trip to Los Angeles. Mr. Carpenter's love for sports also made many days at school more memorable. He often brought in Padres and Charger memorabilia, organized team color days, and hosted the school spirit even participating in faculty performances and dress up days. Mr. Carpenter was also an active member of the community and directed his efforts toward preserving many of the historic aspects of the surrounding area. He was a member of St. Anne's Episcopal Church. He became involved with many youth activities and busied himself with a variety of interests in sports, politics and collectables of Southern California. His wife was named Virginia and he was father of four.

The library was dedicated to him to demonstrate affection for him and appreciation of all he has done for the Potter Jr. High School.
-Information from Potter yearbooks

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