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Potter Jr.High School

Counselor's Corner » Safe Schools Ambassadors

Safe Schools Ambassadors

Reducing Peer Mistreatment & Improving School Climate at Potter Junior High School

Our Goals
  • Promote and increase academic achievement
  • Create a positive campus culture
  • Help students feel safe through improving school climate

When students get along, they feel*:
  • Safer
  • More connected
  • More engaged in learning

Engaging students is important because students…
  • Are 90% of the school population.
  • Are the primary targets and perpetrators of mistreatment in schools.
  • See, hear and know things adults don’t.
  • Can intervene in ways adults can’t.
  • Turn to each other first when upset or in need.
  • Set the tone and social norms on campus.
  • Adults can’t do it alone!

Safe School Ambassadors
  • Program Overview: A research-based, field-tested strategy to empower and equip students to reduce bullying and other forms of mistreatment.
  • Key Elements:
    • Identify, recruit, select & engage the right students
      • 38 diverse student leaders
      • 8 adults
    • Provide skill based training
      • 2-day training led by Community Matters
      • Discuss types of mistreatment & ways to intervene
      • Start with themselves, then friends/family, then classmates/community
    • Provide ongoing supervision/support
      • Weekly/bimonthly meetings with students
      • End of year celebration
    • Assess & measure program effectiveness
      • Continue program in future years
      • Fallbrook HS implementing SSA